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Something to Grab Your Attention

March 2015

When Articulate's David Anderson set his weekly challenge last Friday, I thought I would be too busy to compete. In celebration of the 20 years that have elapsed since Toy Story 1 was released, he proposed we should design a piece using toys. The Toy Story reference was irresistible bait. I have seen all the Toy Story movies many times with my kids and love them all. ..And so it was, in spite of a pile of work to get through I started to think about creating a candy/toy grabber in SL – something like the one in the movie but based on my own design. The creative challenge was so compelling that on Thursday afternoon I started to create my toy-grabber console in Illustrator. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Frustrating, because I lacked the time to make it look as good as I wanted and had to leave a few rough edges. One of the main reasons for wanting to build a grabber was to practice using the slider tool in SL. Basically, my piece is built on simple trigger commands to the 20-odd states of my grabber claw. Within the states are 11 swf movies which show the claw descending at the different points along the slider. Overall I am pleased with my piece – but could have spent a whole week polishing it up and adding interactions and features (I especially wanted to add a coin slot and a whole host of other interactions and sound effects). Click the image to sample my piece (If you show perseverance, you will be a lucky winner – but don’t forget to claim your prize):